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Caitlin Miller

IATSE 800 Graphic Artist in Film, Television & Commercials.

Photographer, Web Designer, Fine Artist, cheese lover.


What I Do

I’m a freelance visual artist residing in Los Angeles and working in television, film, commercials and music videos. Originally from the east coast, I love living in LA with all it has to offer. 


My background in advertising, post production, art directing, fine art and photography has created a wonderful foundation to work as a graphic artist in film & television! As a member in good standing of IATSE 800, I have the privilege to work in the industry on both non-union and union productions. I'm so happy to be doing what I'm doing!

When I'm not working in film & television, I also work for a wonderful company called Colibri Collective. Colibri helps support coaches by giving them marketing, operations

support and industry-specific design to help move their businesses forward. I work as a design specialist and have created branding and websites for many of their clients:

What I Love

In the past few years, my projects have premiered at major festivals including Cannes and Sundance and have won honors, such as Best Narrative Feature at the International Black Film Festival and the LA Muse award for best fiction.


I love what I do, but life is so much more than working! My most favorite thing is to explore & take photos, road trips, camp and find things I've never seen before. If I don't take a ride out of the city exploring new place at least once a month, I honestly start to go a little stir crazy. 


You can usually find me out and about around the city checking out museums, movies, exhibits, restaurants, hiking or at home playing my ukulele (very badly, haha). 

pan african.jpg


Below is just a small list of artists who I really admire and have influenced me over the years.

and last but definitely not least, My Dad.

My DAD.jpg

My dad, Eric Miller, is an Art Director working in the advertising industry. When I was very little, I used to watch him work at his drafting table splicing and spray-mounting ads together, and he showed me everything he did. As a child, he taught me how to use one of the first versions of photoshop on an old brick of an Apple computer. When I was a little older, maybe 12 or 13, took me to work in NYC to show me how industrial printers functioned in commercial print shops. I worked for him briefly after college, and he taught me not only the basics of layout design, but how to communicate with clients. He and my mom both fostered and encouraged my creativity, and I wouldn't be the person I am today if it weren't for them. 

He's not only an incredible graphic designer, but a talented illustrator and photographer, as well. He's still working till this day. Check out his site (which I built with him):

Thanks Dad. 

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